Design Engineer

Location: Shanghai 

Job responsibilities: 

1. Conduct module level and chip level design,simulation, and guide chip layout design; 

2. Communicate with TE of the testing department, and timely provide CP and FT testing specifications in standard format; 

3. Communicate with AE of Application Department and provide detailed system application test plan; 

4. Communicate with PE of Product Engineering Department to complete the reliability test of the chip; 

5. After the product is converted to mass production, complete the project development summary. 

Job requirements: 

1. Master degree or above in integrated circuit design, at least three years of experience in AC/DC, power chip design, high power constant current driver chip, APFC chip and DC/DC driver chip design experience is preferred; 

2. Skillfully design common analog and hybrid circuits, including bandgap, comparator, etc., and understand the physical characteristics and layout requirements of various semiconductor devices; 

3. Understand common problems in process, design, mass production test and system application; 

4. Understand the basic switching power supply circuit topology; 

5. Excellent interpersonal communication skills. 

Contact: Miss Zhou
Mobile: 021-60891562